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Analyze and Export Waiver Data


Analytics and real customer data are the lifeblood to improved business decision making.

speedyWaiver provides an analytics dashboard that enables you to deep-dive into statistics from your waiver responses and use that information to guide better decisions.

Analyze over time

Waiver Analytics Screenshot

You can use the dashboard to analyze how many waivers have been filled in per day, and which hours of day the waivers were filled. This is particiularly useful if you have customers sign their waivers when they arrive at your venue.

This is fully filterable by waiver type and date range.

Customer insights

You can add questions to your form to learn more about your customers:

  • Add age and gender to learn about the demographic makeup of your customers
  • Add questions around customer preferences, for example as a gym you can ask how frequently the customers are planning on visiting the gym, or for an escape room you can add questions around how many other escape rooms they have visited before

Better understand marketing channels

By adding a question to your waiver form asking customer how they discovered you, you can use speedyWaiver to help provide understanding of your sources of business. You can run reports over different date ranges to see how this is evolving.

Export waiver data

It's also possible to export all the selections and entries that were made in each waiver, this can be useful to upload it into a CRM system or to do further analysis using tools such as Microsoft Excel and Google Docs.

speedyWaiver lets you export waiver data for any given data range, and the export can also be filtered by the particular waiver form.

Mailchimp integration

Mailing lists are an important part of marketing for many business, and being able to send marketing and other messages to your customers is a key way to generate and make use of loyalty.

speedyWaiver features Mailchimp integration. Simply turn on the integration and every time a customer fills a waiver with their e-mail address, the e-mail address automatically gets added to your Mailchimp list. The integration supports different waiver forms adding users to different Mailchimp lists, and adding a checkbox 'opt-in' field to comply with Mailchimp rules and data legislation.

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