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Groups and Events

For many businesses, waivers are provided to groups of people who are doing a single activity or attending a single event. For example a yoga or gym class may be considered a group, or the group of people attending a session in an escape room.

speedyWaiver has first-class support for groups and events.

Create a branded group/event landing page

speedyWaiver lets you create a landing page for a group or event that has a unique link you can share with the participants. It can be linked to one or move waivers - the participant is given the choice which of the linked waivers they want to fill.

This page can be branded with the imagery of your business, and with a single tap can be turned into a kiosk.

Share via QR Code

speedyWaiver generates QR codes which point to the landing page for a group or event. You can print this or have it displayed on a screen at the venue where participants can scan it and directly reach the waivers.

E-mail participants directly from speedyWaiver

speedyWaiver allows you to directly e-mail the group or event landing page link to a list of participants - simply paste in their e-mail addresses.


Every submission for a group/event is connected directly to it to which means you can directly access the waivers that have been submitted for it. One example of how this can be useful is to keep track of who has checked in.

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