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speedyWaiver Kiosk Mode

What is Kiosk Mode?

Waiver Kiosk

Kiosk Mode in speedyWaiver enables you to turn any tablet (such as an iPad) into a dedicated waiver-filling device.

You make the device available to customers - for example in a reception area - and once kiosk mode has been enabled the device can only be used for filling in waivers and all other features are locked out. The locked out features including both the administration functionality in speedyWaiver, and the ability to access any other app on the device.

How it works

After installing speedyWaiver on the device, a staff member needs to log in and turn on Kiosk Mode. Once Kiosk Mode is active:

  1. the customer is presented with a list of waiver forms they can fill in. The business can select what background displays on this screen to make it match the business brand.
  2. The customer selects a waiver from the list.
  3. The customer fills in and submits the waiver.
  4. The customer is presented the opportunity to e-mail themselves a PDF of the waiver (unless the business has disabled this option).
  5. Then the app returns back to step 1 - the waiver selection screen - for the next user.

Any staff member can easily unlock speedyWaiver by tapping the screen with three fingers then re-entering their speedyWaiver password.

Mounting the device

It is common to mount tablets used as kiosks using a stand as seen in the photo above. As well as floor-standing mounts, there are also wall-mount and counter-top mounts available.

Other alternatives are to secure the device using a strap or to just hand it around, usually within a protective case.


Kiosk mode in speedyWaiver has branding options allowing you to set a custom title, description and background image for the waiver selection screen, to have it match your business's brand.

Locking the device

In general it's a good idea to lock the device itself so the customer can't leave speedyWaiver and open any other apps on the device.

On the iPad there are two ways to do this:

  • Single App Mode locks the iPad into a single app. This is done using a tool called Apple Configurator
  • Guided Access is a simpler way of locking the iPad, though a user can exit it if they know the passcode. This is done by going into Settings ... General ... Guided Access. From this screen you can enable Guided Access and set a passcode. Then run speedyWaiver and triple-click either the iPad Home button if your iPad has one, otherwise the top-side button. Then you should draw a box over the entire screen (this lets the iPad know that the user is allowed to tap anywhere on the screen) and press 'Start' in the top-right corner.

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