Waivers are boring

But they don't need to be hard

speedyWaiver makes creating and signing electronic waivers fast and seamless.

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Who is speedyWaiver for?

Spa or Massage

Use speedyWaiver to handle client registration, capture medical conditions, etc.

Escape Room

Protect your liability against player accidental injury during games


Waivers for concerts, special events, experiences, etc.

Gyms/Personal Trainers

Inform and protect against the risk of injury during classes or using equipment

Model Releases

Model releases for photography, tv and film


Waivers for risks during activities from quad biking to Segways or even walking tours

School Field Trip

Waivers of liability for parents/guardians to sign before school field trips

Tattoo Shop/Parlour

Liability waivers for tattoo shops, parlors and artists


Waiver to protect businesses from customers getting infected with COVID-19 on-premises