How do I use my device as a waiver signing kiosk?

After installing speedyWaiver on the device, a staff member needs to log in and turn on Kiosk Mode.

Kiosk Mode in the speedyWaiver iPhone/iPad and Android apps, lets you turn any device into a waiver signing kiosk.

Once Kiosk Mode is active:

  • the customer is presented with a list of waiver forms they can fill in
  • the customer selects a waiver from the list.
  • the customer fills in and submits the waiver.
  • the app returns back to step 1 - the waiver selection screen - so the next user can select and fill a waiver form.

Enabling kiosk mode

To enable kiosk mode, goto the Kiosk tab in the speedyWaiver app. You can choose the title and optional subtitle and background image to be displayed on the kiosk waiver selection screen. You should then select which forms you want to make available, and press the 'Start' button in the top-right of the screen.

Enabling kiosk mode for a group/event

To use kiosk mode to add items for a group or event, go to the Group/Events tab in the app and select the appropriate group/event. You can then tap the 'Use Group in Kiosk Mode' button, and you will be transferred to the Kiosk tab where you can adjust the settings and activate kiosk mode.

Leaving kiosk mode

To stop kiosk mode, tap the waiver form selection screen with three fingers, then enter your password.

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