How do I share a group/event with my customers?

If you want to share waiver forms by e-mail, or want to share a link that allows the customer to choose between multiple waiver forms, then you need to use the Groups/Events feature.

To create a Group/Event:

  • For web go into the speedyWaiver console, click the Groups/Events tab and click 'Add New Group/Event'
  • For mobile, load the app, tap the Groups/Events tab at the bottom, then tap the '+' button in the bottom-right corner.

Once you have created a Group/Event, you can use the 'Forms' section of the screen to choose one or more waiver forms to assign to it.

Then you have three options in the screen to share it:

  • Send invitation - click this and provide a list of e-mail addresses to e-mail those with a link to the Group/Event landing page
  • Web url - this is a direct link to the Group/Event landing page you can share
  • QR Code - this is a QR code you can download and share which sends the user to the Group/Event landing page

The Group/Event landing page will contain a link to fill in each of the forms that you assigned to it.

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